Chef part-time


Do you get a kick from watching people enjoy your food and spend your free time reading cookbooks, thinking about all the exciting things you can make? Do you, like us, believe that what kind of fuel you put into your body makes a huge difference for the creative output?

Working with EGGS

The kitchen in our brand new office at Bakke Designhus is the heart of our creative office. It is where we meet in the morning over coffee, it is where we catch up on each other’s lives during lunch and it is where we crack open a beer on Friday afternoon. We are a social bunch and now we need a new guardian of our most important social space. EGGS Design has an ambitious goal to become the world’s best creative nest and we believe that you are a key player in achieving this. We are looking for a creative chef who believes that feeding people are a very social thing, and who also will love to be the first to greet our clients when they arrive at our office.

Your skills include

  • Preferably experience from a professional kitchen

  • Ability to manage suppliers

  • Ability to plan and maintain a well-oiled ordering system

  • Knowledge about safe food handling (IK-mat) and ability to create and implement required routines

  • Ability to manage a budget with sustainability and cost efficiency in mind

  • Interest in nutrition and passion for good produce

  • Ability to plan and organize food for events (for example Christmas lunch, summer party, monthly meeting)

  • Understanding of how to create a vibrant social space

  • Preferably a certificate of apprenticeship (fagbrev) or other relevant qualifications

Your mindset is

  • Warm and people-focused

  • Organised and structured

  • Creative

  • Not afraid of challenges

We give you

  • The freedom to run your own kitchen and cook for 20-40 awesome creative heads

  • The opportunity to face exciting challenges as we grow as an office

  • A part-time position (50%)

  • Money

Application deadline

30th September 2018

How to apply

Apply here

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