Design Intern, Copenhagen


Professionals and students have everything to learn from each other. In the creative industry, we crave new impulses, young enthusiasm, idealism, and drive. We are looking for students who want to develop further, working in teamwork with experienced designers, and who would like to get hands-on experience working on innovation projects with our clients.

An internship at EGGS

Our internships follow the school year where you can work in EGGS for one semester, either the fall semester or the spring semester. We do not have summer internships, and EGGS do not offer intern positions to designers who have completed their Masters.

You don’t necessarily know yourself best. I got to take lead on a project within the first month of my internship, because my closest leader saw that I could do it. People trust people in EGGS and with great power comes great responsibility.
- Hanne Sivertsen, design intern spring 2018

Are you the one we are looking for?

  • You are a design student of digital, product, service design or business design

  • As a minimum, you have completed your Bachelor’s degree

  • Students associated with a field of expertise are favored

  • Students writing a Masters within one of EGGS areas of expertise will be prioritized

  • You have a strong academic record

  • You are positive and enthusiastic about design, people and your professional and personal development

At EGGS Design interns are

  • Considered equal employees and working alongside our designers on clients projects

  • Included in all social and development activities

  • Introduced to EGGS through a dedicated onboarding program

  • Teamed up with a dedicated mentor in EGGS that will guide you throughout your work semester

As an intern, you will

  • Work full-time during a whole semester

  • Work hours are the same as ordinary employees of EGGS

How to apply

  • Send an email to and attach

  • CV

  • Academic record

  • Letter of motivation

  • Your portfolio either as a pdf or a link to your site

From the first day I got responsibilities and was treated like an equal member of the team; a project kickoff, facilitating workshops, conducting interviews and presenting final results to the client.
- Pieter Overgoor, design intern autumn 2018

The process

We will review your applications shortly after the application deadline runs out and our recruitment team will contact qualified candidates if your profile stands out. If you make the cut, you will be invited to an interview to present your portfolio and motivation, as well as get a guided tour of our studio and learn more about our projects and visions.

Application deadline

November 15th, 2018

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