Connected World

Utilising new technologies to create value

Maturing tech such as IoT, blockchain, machine learning, AI, VR and robots is creating a perfect storm of new technologies bringing digital transformation to a new level. Disrupting technologies are more available resulting in more in commercial use for both start-ups and big corporations. In our connected world, the possibilities are limitless.

We craft intuitive and smart solutions applying technologies such as IOT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, AR & VR and Robots.

How to design for a Connected World

The connected world is about how we can work to create the smartest solutions for the user needs we have identified. It is about ensuring that the related service or product creates sustainable value both for the user and the business. In EGGS there are five principles that we stress when we are designing for a connected world.

  • Focus on user needs - Focus on the tasks you are going to help your users solve to ensure real innovation.

  • Unleash technology - Be open to new technologies to ensure that you choose the most relevant to solve the task at hand.

  • Design ecosystems - Ensure that your service/products connect and work seamlessly in the bigger system.

  • Learn and adapt – Users expect services to develop and improve. You’ll never finish an innovation process.

  • Create simplicity – Ensure that the service and user experience is easy and intuitive despite the complexity and sophistication of the data system.

  • Design with empathy - Ensure that the touch, feel and experience of the user interface builds trust and confidence. People hesitate to use services they don’t trust.

Our experience

At EGGS it is our mission to help you exploit these possibilities by creating customer experiences, products and services that will improve the way we live and do business. We do this by merging our skills within design thinking with relevant disrupting technologies that will solve your users’ challenges in a more accessible, smarter and faster way.

Sounds interesting?

Eline Løseth Giskeødegård

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Eline Løseth Giskeødegård
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