Bridging the gap between complexity and vulnerability

Health is a domain of extreme contrast and complexity. Public meets private. Skin meets technology. Life and death meet vanity. As the pace of change keeps picking up, we need to get better at bridging the gap between the overwhelming possibilities and people’s best interests. We need to put people at the centre of the innovation process. This job is at the heart of design thinkers, such as EGGS.

Why design within the health sectors?

We craft user-centred services and products for both the public and private sector within health services, digital health, lifestyle & preventive care, MedTech and medical aids.

Future of health

Both the industry and mankind have ever-increasing ambitions related to health. Yet, the conditions to fulfil these expectations are not only changing to our favour. We should, therefore, include future insights into any health-related innovation project - to overcome challenges and to utilise opportunities available to us. Some important examples:

  • Longevity and changing demographics

  • More complex diseases and health conditions

  • Digital transformation, automation and democratised knowledge

  • Technological advances, such as biotech, sensors, implants and wearables

  • DIY Health

Our Approach

A lovely perspective of design thinking is that even when the world is changing, the basic human needs remain relatively constant. By having people at the centre of healthcare innovation, we can, therefore, make sure we stay relevant. We start by listening to people; patients, caretakers, scientists, technologists and bureaucrats- and use this as the fundament for the creative process. The result is a valuable match between people's health-related interests and the invigorating mass of opportunities.

Sounds interesting?

Sigrun Vik

Let's talk to Head of Health
Sigrun Vik
+47 922 33 887

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