Bridging the gap between complexity and people's everyday lives

With growing populations in growing cities, urban mobility has become key to sustainable development of our societies. Those in charge must be bold enough to discard outdated legacy, and allow new ideas, innovations and players to flourish in its place. An excellent transport system can contribute to boost productivity, increase well-being and lower pollution. We use design methodologies to shape a better urban future.

Why Design for Mobility and Cities?

At EGGS we apply our competencies within user-centered design and technology to innovation projects within mobility covering public and private transportation, smart cities, logistics and airports.

The Future of Mobility is Smart

As we re-invent and re-imagine our cities and infrastructure, we need to get smarter. When mobility players and institutions are able to collaborate and utilise new technology in flexible ways, we get great concepts such as smart traffic lights and street lights, smart parking and automated logistics. However, innovation is arguably also about encouraging people to make smart choices, such as public transportation, bikes, sharing-economy and low-footprint alternatives. To achieve this, we need to understand and embrace some of the most relevant trends for this domain, such as:

  • Individualisation

  • Sustainability and changing regulations

  • Blockchain and new payment mechanisms

  • Automation, AI and AR Sharing economy

Our Approach

Projects within mobility can be overwhelmingly complex. EGGS has worked with a lot of successful projects using a systems oriented design approach when dealing with this complexity. By exploring relevant landscapes of infrastructure, interconnections, technology and regulations through systems mapping and visualization, we find synergies and create holistic solutions to complex problems while meeting your business goals.

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