Ocean Space

Designing for trained users

Ocean-related innovation has been the pride of Scandinavian engineering for decades. As one of the world’s most experienced design consultancies within these industries, EGGS will be an effective partner to design new products, software or services. We are ready and able to facilitate innovation processes that will extend our Ocean legacy - both into the future, and into international markets.

Why Ocean Space?

Our experience and industry know-how means we have a good understanding of most technical standards and applicable industry conventions. If there’s something we don’t know, we educate ourselves until we do. Due to us working in different domains, we also bring fresh ideas and perspectives from one sector to another.

We design services, applications and products for professional users within offshore, subsea, the leisure market, marine and maritime industries, aquaculture and fisheries.

What’s cooking in the ocean?

Ocean industries worldwide are facing major challenges. But there’s an abundance of opportunities too. The capacity to adapt and innovate will determine who stays relevant. Some topics are niche specific, while others affect almost everyone. These include:

  • Sustainability and changing regulations (Green shift)

  • Digital transformation & humans in the loop

  • Technological advances, such as autonomy, robotics, AI and increased connectivity

  • New business models and changing value propositions

  • Increasing complexity and interconnectivity

  • Higher expectations to design, user experience and service branding as differentiators

Our expertise

By combining human centred design with business, future insights and technology know-how, we can provide intuitive solutions that enable your company to embrace the complexities listed above.

Key benefits include increased safety, sustainability, cost efficiency and user performance. Not to mention a more desirable and marketable portfolio of products and services. Please feel free to have a look at our design stories – you will see what we’re talking about.

Sounds interesting?

Espen Jørgensen

Let's talk to Head of Ocean Space
Espen Jørgensen
+47 930 02 430

Katja Egmose

Let's talk to Creative Director Denmark
Katja Egmose
+45 299 00 197

Paal Holter

Have a chat with our Chief Experience Officer
Paal Holter
+47 901 05 666

Nicholas Merrigan

You should talk to Creative Leader Digital Design Stavanger
Nicholas Merrigan
+47 902 22 214

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