Ports & Logistics

Enabling cooperation and sustainable innovation

Ports are complex systems, with many stakeholders and increasing demand for digitalization, safer, more sustainable operations, and increased collaboration. This means there's an opportunity to reinvent value chains and offerings and become more customer-centric. EGGS can contribute to this as facilitators and by designing new and relevant service- and partnership offerings.

Increasing demand for digitalization, collaboration, and sustainability

Ports are at the beginning of a key-transition, going back to their origins, yet reinventing their role as service providers and logistics hubs. This means higher demands when it comes to customer-centricity, digitalization, safety, and sustainability. Moreover, ports are highly complex systems with many stakeholders involved – from the port itself to shipowners, logistics companies, and authorities. Hence, collaboration and partnerships within, as well as between ports and their stakeholders, are crucial.

  • Going carbon neutral with a sustainability focus

  • Digitalization and smarter systems

  • Increased demands for safety

  • More customer-centric offerings

  • Increasing importance for collaboration and partnerships

  • Re-invention of value chains

What can we offer ports?

Innovation requires methodology, a systematic approach, and collaboration. This is where EGGS can be useful. We have extensive experience working with complex projects within ocean-related industries, with many different stakeholders.

By making use of our hands-on design skills and tech know-how, combined with insights and a strategic approach, we can help create concrete solutions for digitalization, logistics, and sustainable services. We use the insights to develop useful, digital solutions that cater to the users’ needs.

Our expertise

Our experience and ocean industry know-how means we have a good understanding of technical standards and applicable industry conventions. Moreover, we count on in-house design expertise for both physical and digital services and products.

Have a look at our design stories below or get in touch to learn more about what we can offer!

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