Branding senior to EGGS

Martin Nordseth

After 17 years at Grid Design, Martin Nordseth has now joined the team at growing design agency EGGS Design, where he’ll work as a design leader of product and service identities, along with visual communication. New ways of working, a quick turnaround and a pioneering spirit is what attracted Martin to EGGS. (Image: Martin Nordseth and Ulla Sommerfelt)

Between the realms of entreprenurship, design and business

‘Having spent many years doing traditional design and concept development, it feels rewarding to work between the realms of entrepreneurship, design and business. EGGS has a broad overview of design processes, technical know-how and business expertise - things that create extraordinary potential for clients,’ says Martin.

‘Martin knows how to work holistically with several design disciplines. Through previous complex design projects, he’s proven himself to be a skilled interpreter of research, user insight and facts when aiming for specific goals and measures within design. EGGS has 70 employees and is growing both here in Norway, and internationally. Now that Martin has come on-board I feel that we have strengthened our development even further. He brings expertise and experience, and a warm personality that will not only benefit our clients but also the rest of us who work at EGGS,’ states Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO at EGGS Design.

Branding with commercial effect

Martin is eager to start delivering brilliant branding experiences that have a convincing commercial effect on physical and digital products and services.

‘EGGS operates in a creative hub where new ideas, technology and businesses continually arise. We are characterised by our ability to provide a quick turnaround that’s always on target, and to intuitively understand our clients’ needs. EGGS designs powerful brands through products and services that customers love, and with Martin joining us we have even more ammunition,’ adds Ulla.

Pioneering spirit in the post-petroleum era

‘There are only a small number of agencies leading the way when it comes to helping Norway thrive in the post-petroleum era. EGGS is an important contributor to culture, knowledge, technology and design thinking - all of which are essential to the big shift that Norwegian businesses and the government will soon face. A pioneering spirit is essential, so I'm delighted to be a part of the vibrant entrepreneurial energy and passion for design that exists within the walls at EGGS Design,’ concludes Martin.

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