Cesar Garrubo as New Managing Director for EGGS Brazil

EGGS is investing in the Brazilian market, and to lead the team we have recruited Cesar Garrubo – Honorary Consul General of Norway in São Paulo and experienced business leader. Cesar is in charge of the office on Paulista Avenue, located in the very heart of São Paulo, since May 2018.

Settling in the financial capital of South America

EGGS originally opened up shop in Brazil in the city of Curitiba. However, recently made the move to São Paulo, the financial capital of South America. “I am very excited to be part of EGGS and to be able to bring the innovative and creative capacity that the company has to Brazil," says Cesar. "In all sectors of the Brazilian economy, you will find companies struggling to innovate. Forward-thinking companies will always bet on innovation. EGGS Design has the skillset and methodology to meet these demands. Our strength lies in looking at the challenges from the perspective of the people”.

The perfect match

Cesar has many years of experience from Norwegian businesses operating in Brazil, as well as profound knowledge of Norwegian and Scandinavian culture from his 11 years of living in Oslo, where he earned his Master of Business and Economics at BI Norwegian Business School. The deep understanding of the culture of the country of origin of the company, as well as the culture and business landscape of the country of operation, is of great value, both to EGGS and to our clients.

Cesar’s experience from Innovation Norway and his role as H. Consul General of Norway in Brazil makes him a true unicorn. He has a unique understanding of Nordic-Brazilian business, and his network has already proven very valuable to to our clients and to us.
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO of EGGS Design

A growing demand

Although design thinking, service design, and innovation consultancy are rather new concepts in Brazil, there is a rapidly growing demand for these services. Companies are working hard to keep up with increasingly demanding customers and clients across segments. Digitalization is picking up speed and business see the need for becoming more user-centric. EGGS brings creative expertise across industries and a portfolio of success cases involving clients in everything from maritime and finance to healthcare and public sectors.

The latest 2018 report from the Global Innovation Index, shows that Brazil climbed from 69th to 64th place since last year, which indicates that the market is heating up. The demand for innovation, both when it comes to products and services is growing. In many European countries, studies show that company managements already prioritise investing in innovation and design over cost control. Brazil is still not there yet, with a 50/50 split between these two priorities, but the market is gradually moving towards this direction.

I’m confident that we at EGGS can use our global expertise and experience to contribute to the positive development of the scenario here in Brazil. We're not only here to make a profit, but also to help businesses become more sustainable by helping them to be innovative.
Cesar Garrubo, Managing Director, EGGS Brazil

Fast growing and award-winning

The fast-growing strategic innovation and design firm EGGS was founded in 2012 in Norway. In just six years, EGGS has grown to 100 employees with offices in Oslo, São Paulo, Stavanger, Trondheim, and Copenhagen. EGGS has been Norway's most award-winning design agency for several years and is considered Norway's leading tech-design company focusing on a wide portfolio of services ranging from physical design products, digital tech solutions to service design.

About EGGS Design

  • Founded in 2012

  • Five offices: Oslo, São Paulo, Stavanger, Trondheim, and Copenhagen

  • More than 25 nationalities

  • 32 design and innovation awards

  • 100 employees

  • 350 clients

About Cesar Garrubo

  • From May 1, Managing Director and Co-owner of EGGS in Brazil

  • Joining EGGS from a role as Country Manager of Gelato, as well as Honorary Consul General of Norway in São Paulo. Before this, Cesar was CEO of Ekornes Latin America for 10 years and Director of Innovation Norway in Brazil for 7 years

  • Age: 53, married, two children, lives in Cotia, near São Paulo city

  • Passions: tennis, running, skiing, water sports, and traveling with a touch of adventure

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