EGGS + Bergen = the perfect match!

Senior Designer Åshild has moved to Bergen

After five years in EGGS’ Stavanger office as a service designer, I’m embracing the opportunity to move to my hometown Bergen to start a pop-up office. Bergen, the maritime capital of Norway and a city bustling with innovation and change, I believe, is a perfect match for EGGS.

Leaving a dream come true for a new one

As a newly graduated service designer, I got my dream job in Stavanger. I was instantly blown away! In fact, I still am. The projects we get to work with, the competence that EGGS has, the vision, the clients, the colleagues. These are not things I easily leave behind. However, EGGS has now given me the opportunity to return to my hometown Bergen to start a pop-up office for EGGS. This is an offer I can’t resist as I will have more support for my growing family here.

Being able to prioritise family and work at the same time is a privilege, and one of the reasons I’m happy to work in this company.
Åshild Herdlevær, Service Designer, EGGS Design

A perfect match?

EGGS has a number of focus areas. Among them, ocean space, sustainability, mobility, and health. Coincidentally, Bergen is going through a series of changes in related fields. For example, it’s home to one of Norway’s largest hospitals, which is being rebuilt and restructured. Public transportation is also being extended, the structure of the municipalities is being changed and the city is working on how to reach the sustainability goals. Furthermore, Bergen is considered the country’s maritime capital. Many, both big and small, companies within the maritime sector have their Norwegian headquarters here.

The city is bustling with exciting new projects, and innovation hubs are popping up everywhere! The timing for bringing EGGS’ take on design and innovation to Bergen could, in my opinion, not be better.

The merge of physical and digital

EGGS has something rather unique in that we join the physical and traditional industrial design with the newer forms of design; service design, digital design, and business design. Having multicompetent teams, with digital masters, technologists, product designers, service designers, business designers, engineers, and branding gurus, we can offer complete design solutions. These can be adapted to the needs of each project and each client.

Bergen, tell me what you need!

As a service designer, I’m used to asking users what they need or wish was different. This time, I’m going to ask a whole city – how can I help you? What does Bergen need in terms of services and innovation? What are the dream projects here? Please share your opinions, comments, and ideas with me. Drop me an email, give me a call or just visit me at VIS Innovasjon, Media City Bergen. I’d be more than happy to hear from you!

Sounds interesting?

Åshild Drønen Herdlevær

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Åshild Drønen Herdlevær
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