Green mobility at IFLA

Heavy infrastructure meets the city

At this year’s IFLA in Oslo, I had the opportunity to facilitate a breakout session on green mobility together with my colleague Ingrid. The session focused on how to solve the issue of infrastructure and heavy transport in our growing cities. Speakers from influential and relevant organisations such as The Norwegian Railway Directorate, Bane NOR, Bergen Light Rail Project, InSitu and The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, gave their view on the matter.

Ingrid's visualisation of the breakout session.

The zero-growth objective

In Norway, we're focusing on the "zero-growth objective." This means that the growing number of passengers in traffic should be absorbed by public transport, cycling, and walking. The National Transport Plan outlines how the Norwegian government will prioritize resources within the sector and is an essential tool for navigation and decision making.

Kirsti Slotsvik, Director at the Norwegian Railway Directorate, spoke about the big picture of green mobility, and how the National Transport Plan provides a framework for long term planning.

The speakers addressed the challenges from different perspectives sharing their stories from projects and research. From the Intercity Project, which seamlessly connects 2 million people in the Oslo area, we learned that the location of the railway stations is a huge challenge, that also played a part in this year’s election.

Karin Holen Coon, from BaneNOR shared her story and experience from the Intercity project, and its focus on connecting people.
Christian Wesenberg, also from BaneNOR, took us in to the stations areas, showing us how the stations could be people friendly and work together with the city centres.

It’s about more than infrastructure

Planning mobility infrastructure is one instrument for creating change in a city. However, we also need to change behaviors and learn to give up certain things to achieve change and reach the global sustainability goals. One example is giving up owning and driving our own cars.

Inger Beate Arnevik, a landscape architect from InSitu, shared findings from her master thesis about how to achieve a sustainability in a car dependent society.
Karl Magnus Forberg from Sweco, and Ingrid Haukeland from the Bergen Light rail, told their story from the Bergen Light Rail project, from the beginning and with some extra focus on step four in the talk "The influence of the light rail project on urban development in Bergen".

Growing cities mean big challenges

Our society is facing several challenges in terms of environment, infrastructure, mobility, climate change, and urban development. A growing population and urbanization put higher demands on transport systems. At the same time, we urgently need to reduce carbon emissions and take care of our natural resources for generations to come.

Einar Lillebye from the Norwegian Public Roads and NMBU talk "Can the motorway approach the city sustainably?"

Elise Rustad Fossnes, Norconsult Pernille Steen Fjeldhus from Pir 2 in the talk "Transport oriented developments - the human touch".

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