Leadership change at EGGS Design Oslo

Marte Grevsgard hands the reigns over to Trine Harnes

After more than three years as head of EGGS’ office in Oslo, from June 1st, 2019, Marte Grevsgard starts a new position as Mentor in Design Leadership. Marte hands the reigns over to Trine Harnes, who becomes the new Regional Director for EGGS Oslo, which consists of more than half of EGGS’ 100 designers and developers.

Marte Grevsgard becomes a Mentor in Design Leadership

Tragically, Marte lost her husband during the summer of 2018. Consequently, she wanted to switch to a more flexible role that gives her the time she needs to care for her two young girls. In the role of Mentor in Design Leadership, she’ll contribute to developing excellent design teams, be process facilitator of service design projects, and support for design managers.

Marte Grevsgard (second from left) has led EGGS Oslo through triple growth. Thanks to her hard work, talent and passion for all things designed, she’s helped advance it into a smoothly-run office with a focus on top-quality deliveries, and a culture that nurtures its employees and their development.

“It’s a great time to pass on the responsibility for the Oslo office. We've recently experienced significant growth and development, and Trine has all the qualities needed to propel the office onto the next stage. I look forward to continuing to be part of EGGS Oslo with Trine behind the wheel,” she says.

“Marte has been a fantastic leader for the Oslo office during a phase of considerable growth. As a Mentor in Design Leadership, she’ll be an excellent resource for Norwegian leaders,” enthuses CEO Ulla Sommerfelt. "There will always be a leader role for Marte in EGGS, when she and the girls are ready."

Trine Harnes will be EGGS Oslo's new leader

Trine Harnes joined EGGS during the summer of 2017 as Lead Business Designer. Previously, she’d been a project manager, design manager, Client Director and digital advisor, and at EGGS, quickly became part of the management team.

In her new appointment as head of the Oslo office, Trine Harnes will be responsible for overseeing further operations, strategy and creative development.

“At EGGS Oslo we've experienced some wonderful years of growth with Marte at the helm. Our priority now is to consolidate and sustain the number of people here in Oslo and to continue to focus on smooth operations while increasing our creative and technological skills. We’re still on a journey, and with our continued openness and passion for development, I’m looking forward to further developing EGGS Oslo. It’s an inspiring environment where my talented colleagues can grow and get an outlet for their engagement with our brave and ambitious clients,” says Trine.

“We’re keen to cultivate talented leaders such as Trine, who has the leadership style that we value so much. She's great at balancing the development of EGGS’ culture by caring about people, while also ensuring our office in Oslo continues to enjoy profitable operations,” concludes Ulla Sommerfelt.

EGGS in brief

  • Multidisciplinary design consultancy engaged in product, service, digital, brand design and development

  • 110 employees spread over five offices: Stavanger, Trondheim, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo and Oslo

  • Turnover of NOK 100 million in 2018

  • Established in 2012 in Oslo and Trondheim

  • Independently owned by the employees

  • CEO: Ulla Sommerfelt

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