Linda Vik Head of Mobility

Increased focus on design for sustainable mobility

To succeed with mobility innovation, we must work systemically to leverage the potential of our cities’ infrastructure and turn it into lovable experiences in people’s lives and work. It’s about making complex transport and logistics systems intuitive and easy for people to use to increase the shift towards a more sustainable behaviour within mobility. As designers, we apply design thinking to craft good daily experiences in people’s lives, Linda Vik explains.

Good for the masses, good for the individual

In EGGS mobility is not only about sustainable logistics and transport or how we daily move around, but it is also about how we design to reduce the need for mobility. To achieve this Linda Vik sees that the application of visionary design thinking and applying tech as an enabler will contribute to more sustainable solutions, not only for the environment but for business, society and people. To increase our focus on innovation within mobility Linda Vik has been appointed Head of Mobility in EGGS.

It's all about understanding the complexity the exists across multiple mobility systems, the diversity in users, the need for individualization and the need for enabling private and public service providers to collaborate.
Linda Vik, Head of Mobility, EGGS Design

Addressing trends

In EGGS Linda has identified several trends that are key for how we address design-driven innovation in mobility, the most relevant being urbanization, individualization, trusting technology, and sustainability. These trends represent challenges that designers are well-resourced to solve.

The approach of systemic design helps us tackle complexity and create holistic services and user-experience. To ensure that mobility options are tailored to suit individual needs designers contribute by combining big data, technology and human insights to create relevant experiences for the individual that works for the masses.

Designers can contribute to people embracing and adapting new services and products by ensuring good user experiences.

Sustainability is key. We all have to ensure that the choices we make today contribute to a more sustainable future.
Linda Vik, Head of Mobility, EGGS Design

Sustainability is at the core of EGGS strategy. We strive to apply our skills to craft solutions that are not only more sustainable in themselves, but also catering for better sustainable behaviors and decision making. Sustainability is good business.

Linda Vik – 20 years of tech and innovation

Linda has extensive experience as a digital strategist and client director. Linda gets her kicks when she's using her tech skills on challenging, multi-disciplinary projects with defined goals for a triple bottom line; business, society and the environment.

With her varied background, Linda is key in developing EGGS offerings within mobility and business design, helping clients ensure that their business model and business processes are aligned with the products and services they have on offer. It’s all about applying the craft of design to business contexts and business sense to the craft of design.

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