Mau – the designer with a fascination for the future

Our visual wizard in Brazil

Brazilian born designer with a flair for simplicity and a fascination for innovation for the future, Mauricio Medeiros has been our Creative Director in EGGS Brazil since 2017. Driven by the desire for constant improvement and inspired by experiences, he creates designs that bring something new to the table of business transformation.

A fascination for the future

Future thinking is something that runs like a red thread through all of Mau’s work, as he tries to apply research on so-called megatrends and behavioral tendencies in society to develop his designs.

I love looking to the future. It fascinates me and intrigues me to be able to create something that will meet people's needs not only today but also tomorrow.
Mauricio Medeiros, Creative Director, EGGS Brazil

When it comes to design and the future, he points out that it's vital that designers stay at the forefront: “Technology, social structures and the way we live are changing rapidly, and designers need to stay at the forefront of these changes to continue to create relevant designs. In fact, we need to drive these changes through our design.”

Future thinking is one of Mau's favourite subjects and something that runs like a red thread through his work. He tries to apply the results from research on so-called megatrends and behavioral tendencies in society to develop his designs.

A longtime passion for the arts

As a child, one of Mau’s favourite hobbies was to draw. He drew everything he could see and his passion for drawing continued into adulthood. He always wanted to work with design, but back when he went to university, in the 80s, there was no design course available in his town. Instead, he chose architecture but also continued to learn graphic design and ended up running his own agency, We Shape, for 20 years. 

The arts, in all its shapes and forms, is something that defines Mau not only as a professional but as a person, which becomes very clear to anyone who gets to know him. During a time in his life, he, apart from working with design, he even had a career as a professional ballerina.

Believes in holistic simplicity

When asked to imagine a dream project, he stops and thinks carefully, as he always does before giving an answer. After a while, he replies “My dream project would be something that integrates different design disciplines. A project with a holistic approach that also has a higher purpose, an aim to make the world somehow better.”

To Mau it's important to integrate his design work into the client's business strategy and the vision of the future. It all needs to connect to make good business sense.

He believes that truly good design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also generates fundamentally good experiences. It is all about paying careful attention to detail, be coherent, authentic, and, above all, simple. Easy to use, minimalistic and functional. Or, as we like to say in EGGS – it has to master simplexity by solving complex problems in a simple design. 

Good design facilitates and potentializes. It understands people’s needs and shortens the distance between people, services and products. Everything can be made differently and better.
Mauricio Medeiros

Branding means making conversation

Mau has worked with graphic design for almost three decades, two of them running his own agency We Shape, and branding has become one of his specialties. When asked what branding means to him, he says that first and foremost, it is a message.

Branding today is an interlocutor, a person. And this person needs not only to convey a message but also needs to perceive the message that the audience is expressing.
Mauricio Medeiros

He continues by saying that “Branding has changed a lot over the past few years. Before it was more of a top-down monologue, while it now is more of a conversation between brands and consumers. Successful branding today converses with its audience, it listens to people and their messages.” 

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