Meet Andreas Petrov

A developer with a love for challenges

Technologist Andreas Petrov is not your average developer. With an unusually keen eye for visuals, a weakness for silly humor, and a passion for designing games, he brings something different to the programming world.

Ever since Andreas was a kid, he’s been fascinated by gaming. Inspired by two artistic parents, he started drawing and doing 3D animations and graphics for digital games at an early age.

Gaming as a dream and inspiration

Andreas holds a degree in gaming development from NITH, Bergen, and his long-time passion, gaming, follows him throughout his work. When asked what his dream project would be, the answer comes easily - “Wow, my dream project would be creating a game. That’s what I’ve always wanted, ever since I was a child. Making a game without any limitation on time and money. But, you know, if we’re talking about realistic projects – I’m really doing them now, with EGGS.”

One of the projects Andreas is referring to is the Topro project, the development of a smart rollator, for Stavanger Municipality. Andreas is currently working on a project which aims to use gamification to develop a rollator with apps, training programs and a game installed, that can help elderly users to stay active and healthy.

One of the projects where Andreas has been using his passion for gaming, is the Topro project - a smart rollator that helps elderly stay active through training programs and a game installed.

Creating something that people enjoy using

Being able to create something that people actually use, and, more importantly, enjoy using, is what makes Andreas tick. “The feeling of being able to dream up and create something real and something that people think is fun to use, gives me a kick.", he comments. “I love a challenge. The feeling of mastery and learning are essential for intrinsic motivation. By adding these factors to seemingly mundane projects, you can make anything feel rewarding.”

The feeling of being able to dream up and create something real and something that people think is fun to use, gives me a kick.
Andreas Petrov

Driven by challenges

Since he joined the EGGS Oslo team in late 2017, Andreas has been part of EGGS group of technologists and uses his programming skills to develop user-centric software and applications, mainly for iOS. Ever since the start, he has been working with Magnus Nevstad, Creative Director of Technology and Andreas’ leader. “Andreas is an incredibly talented developer. He’s a true problem solver and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In fact, he seeks them out.” says Magnus.

Helping designers do their job

Andreas points out that his work is never done by him alone, but always in cooperation with others. Working together with designers and other developers on the projects is an essential part of the process, and he sees it as his mission to help the designers do their job, by iterating with them and incorporating his ideas into the solution.“I do my best to elevate the designer's vision by challenging them. Without friction, there can be no fire.”

Sounds interesting?

Andreas Petrov

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