Meet Åshild Drønen Herdlevær - our Senior Designer in Bergen

The service designer with a passion for sustainable business

After a number of years in Trondheim and Stavanger, senior service designer Åshild has returned to her hometown, Bergen. Passionate about contributing to sustainable business futures and high-quality health services, she's eager to dive into Bergen's service landscape.

Åshild is one of the designers that were “born and raised” in EGGS. She joined our Stavanger office shortly after she finished her Master’s degree in 2014, and has been part of the company ever since. She has now returned to her roots in Bergen and plays a vital role in EGGS developing its presence further in Vestland, and she will shortly be joined by new design colleagues in Bergen. Ocean and health are two of EGGS strongest domains, and with Bergen being Norway’s maritime capital, and many innovative projects happening within health, it’s an important location for EGGS.

With an educational background in engineering and industrial design and a specialisation in service design, Åshild has a broad and holistic understanding of design and the ability to work with high-complexity projects.

A holistic view with people and the planet in the centre

With an educational background in engineering and industrial design and a specialisation in service design, Åshild has a broad and holistic understanding of design. According to herself, what made her steer away from industrial design and towards service design was her interest in focusing on the big picture and working closely with people. "In service design, I'm able to combine my technical design skills with my deep interest in people. I enjoy the dynamism and complexity that service design involves. My goal is always to help make life a bit easier and better for people with the help of design methodologies. And I am not foreign to experimenting with bringing in other fields of expertise into the process, to do so.”

Good design is design that gets implemented and used. It's irrelevant if a design is theoretically excellent unless it gets off the paper.
Åshild Drønen Herdlevær, Senior designer, EGGS Design

When asked what good design means to her, Åshild promptly replies that good design is design that challenges the status quo, and that actually gets implemented. Of course, after having checked off other marks, such as feasibility, desirability and simplicity. She has seen far too many cases where projects never get past the insight and planning phase and only end up as a PowerPoint presentation or a report. "There's a great barrier between service design projects on paper and service design projects in reality. An important part in overcoming that is focusing on a triple bottom line. One where both people, the economy, and the planet are considered."

A passionate advocate for sustainability

It’s not by coincidence that Åshild brings up the importance of a triple bottom line in projects – she’s an eager and knowledgeable advocate for sustainability, both socially and environmentally. She has dedicated a considerable portion of her experience to service design projects within the health sector, and she sees many opportunities in public- and well as the private health industries. One of her dream projects would be designing the birthing experience for mothers in public maternity wards.

I believe EGGS' expertise within health and ocean is a perfect match with Bergen. Many interesting things are happening here in those areas, and we’re already involved in several projects.
Åshild Drønen Herdlevær, Senior designer, EGGS Design

Åshild is passionate about sustainability and helping organisations innovate towards greener services and products.

It’s the great mix that makes the difference

When asked what she appreciates most about her job, she points to the variety of clients and types of projects. 'It's fantastic to have the opportunity to get insight into so many different realities, businesses, and industries. No projects are ever the same as the previous one. It's a continuous learning process, and I learn so much from both clients and colleagues." After all, despite being the first EGG physically based in Bergen, she still has more than 110 other creative colleagues backing her up at all times.

Åshild in short:

  • Education: MSc in Industrial design and engineering from NTNU in Trondheim. Specialisation in service design.

  • Specialty: Health- and welfare services.

  • Born in: Bergen.

  • Passions: Sustainability, circular economy, health and the implementation of services.

  • Chose EGGS because of: The work culture, the flexibility, the expertise and the fantastic colleagues.

  • In her free time: Spends time with her family, works out at the gym, hikes, renovates the new house, and puts her sewing machine to use.

Sounds interesting?

Åshild Drønen Herdlevær

Have a chat with our Senior Designer
Åshild Drønen Herdlevær
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