Øyvind Lium-Valmot

Øyvind Lium-Valmot has checked in with EGGS as the new COO, after four years as Group Head of Recruitment and HR Manager in Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA. In EGGS Design Øyvind will contribute to building the world's best nest for creative talents. He will ensure that employees receive world class work experiences.

A COO for international growth

As COO and Head of the Employee Experience, Øyvind's solid experience within company growth, start-ups and recruitment will come to hand as EGGS continues to grow both internationally and nationally. Øyvind Lium-Valmot has worked at the intersection of business and HR the past ten years. He has a Master of Management from the Norwegian School of Management as well as management education from Harvard Business School.

EGGS have passed 70 employees in Norway and Brazil, and growth continues. Øyvind is an experienced builder of nests and has both great compassion and a sharp eye on the future. He is my right hand in the effort to create the world's best employee experiences both at home and abroad.
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO

Ready for new international take off

EGGS' growth strategy and overall ambitions were decisive reasons when Øyvind Lium-Valmot chose EGGS. As the design and innovation company expands, Øyvind will ensure that EGGS retain their edge and high levels of quality, regardless of which office the client works with.

The last years I've been a part of an adventure with Norwegian and I have first-hand experience in how growth can be both fun and challenging. EGGS growth and results so far impresses me. The culture in EGGS is unique and is a clear competitive advantage for further growth.
Øyvind Lium-Valmot

Winning the war for talent - and a deeper meaning

The battle for the brightest heads is hard. And is now changing. Offering the best employee experience is the answer according to Øyvind, a challenge he has embraced. To create world class client experiences EGGS must continue to focus on both recruitment, retention and in nurturing all the colleagues in EGGS.

Future employees will require more of us as an employer. People want to be part of creating something greater than themselves, and with a deeper meaning than just a pure profit. It is just as much what we as an employer can offer them, as what they can offer EGGS. We must have a clear answer when they ask us "what's in it for me?
Øyvind Lium-Valmot

Offering world class talent the World's Best Creative Nest

Øyvind will be responsible for ensuring that EGGS develop their offering capabilities carefully and efficiently both within the agency’s existing offices and at upcoming locations. This includes the identification, attraction and retention of world-class talent and the creation of an employee experience that leverages on the EGGS culture. An integral part of Øyvind’s job is to ensure the right systems, structures and processes in place to enable EGGS’ designers to do their best work. It all boils down to offering world class creative talent The World's Best Creative Nest.

Sounds interesting?

Eline Strøm-Gundersen

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