New Country Manager for EGGS Denmark

Susanne Lund

To build and lead the Danish business, EGGS has recruited the experienced CEO and businesswoman Susanne Lund with a background from both the creative industries and the financial sector. She opens the EGGS Denmark office on March 1 at the Rainmaking Loft, Holmen in Copenhagen.

The world's best creative nest

Susanne states, "I'm impressed with EGGS' ability to innovate and execute. In collaboration with the clients, EGGS has been involved in 350 new product and service innovations, all of which make a positive difference for people - from helping children take their asthma medicine, giving passengers at Oslo Airport a better customer experience to improving the quality of life for diabetes-affected immigrant women. At the same time, EGGS leadership has managed to build a very strong culture under the mantra 'creating the world's best creative nest', making EGGS a very attractive workplace".

We are excited to welcome Susanne Lund. We were looking for someone with the right leadership skills - one with the ability to create the unique EGGS culture establishing the best foundation for creativity and job satisfaction and thus enabling us to attract the best talents. In this regard, Susanne is the perfect match.
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO EGGS Design
Susanne has been at the forefront of the transformation of Danish agency Konstellation & Republica from a tactically focused retail agency to a strategic full-service agency over the past three years. She leaves the agency in ship-shape - It is both striving and financially sound with a very competent team of employees.
I am excited to take up this role to help realizing EGGS' strong potential in Denmark and become part of a strong international team of strategists, innovators, designers and tech people. EGGS is positioned in a very attractive cross-field, combining profound human insight and solid business understanding with strong creative, innovative and technological skills.
Susanne Lund

Growing demand

In Norway, EGGS Design is particularly known for its business cases in the maritime sector, healthcare, finance and the public sector, but the firm operates across all industries.

We see that companies want to become more customer-centric, while looking for new ways to cope with the challenges and opportunities of new technologies, sustainability and other trends. They want tangible solutions in terms of products and services that make life better for their customers and employees.
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO EGGS Design

The market for strategic design, innovation, design thinking and digital transformation is growing and has a great potential in Denmark. The latest industry analysis from the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri) shows that in Denmark the consulting industry as a whole has grown by five percent in recent years, while design and innovation as an advisory field have grown by eight percent. In comparison, the management consulting industry in Denmark has a turnover around EURO 2,7 bn, IT consulting just over EURO 5,4 bn, while design only accounts for EURO 400 m. In total, the consulting industry in Denmark delivers a yearly turnover at approx. DKK 155 bn.

Customers choose design methodologies rather than the more traditional advisory approaches, and they want products and services designed to perfection and in accordance with their brand. In EGGS, we work with ambitious customers, and we are looking forward to bring our offerings to the Danish markets.
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO EGGS Design
Loadsmart – a radical innovation for booking truck transport of goods that simplifies logistics interactions, which EGGS created in collaboration with their American client Loadsmart. In addition to collaborating with clients on their innovation goals, EGGS also launches their own start-ups via their own company EGGS Garage.

Fast growing and award-winning

The fast-growing strategic innovation and design firm EGGS was founded in 2011 in Norway. In just five years, EGGS has grown to 90 employees with offices in Oslo, São Paulo, Stavanger, Trondheim and now Copenhagen. EGGS has been Norway's most winning design agency for several years and is considered Norway's leading tech-design company focusing on a wide portfolio of services ranging from physical design products, digital tech solutions to service design.

EGGS has contributed to design and development of Blueye Pioneer in close collaboration with Blueye’s own innovation teams. Blueeye is the world's first underwater drone, targeting the consumer market making it accessible and user-friendly to far more people to experience and learn more about life in the sea.

About EGGS Design

  • Founded in 2011

  • Five offices: Oslo, São Paulo, Stavanger, Trondheim and Copenhagen

  • More than 20 nationalities

  • 32 design and innovation awards

  • 90 employees

  • 350 customers

About Susanne Lund

  • From March 1, Managing Director and Co-owner of EGGS in Denmark and, CMO of EGGS Group

  • Joining EGGS from a role as CEO of Konstellation & Republica. Prior to this, 10 years of experience as Investment Banker in Danske Bank, and 15 years of experience as a business strategist in the creative industries, including 12 years at Bates Y & R as Partner, Head of Strategic Planning, and later Strategic Director.

  • Vice Chairman of the Board of the Danish industry association, Kreativitet & Kommunikation Member of VL Group 45.

  • Age: 50, married, three children, lives in Birkerød.

  • Passion: running, cycling and skiing.

Sounds interesting?

Ulla Sommerfelt

Let's talk to CEO and Country Manager Denmark
Ulla Sommerfelt
+47 922 97 440

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