New Creative Director of Technology at EGGS Design

Eline Giskeødegård takes the lead

After almost three years developing technology and design capabilities in the IoT space at EGGS, Eline Giskeødegård has been appointed Creative Director of Technology.

Eline Giskeødegård takes the lead of technologists and developers in EGGS

We have built a strong team of amazing developers and creative technologists, shares Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO in EGGS Design.

I am excited to have Eline Giskeødegård to build further on our solid foundation supporting our clients on technology.
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO
The marriage between design, technology, and business is the essence in all our innovation projects. From left: Digital Designer William Chaumeton, Eline Giskeødegår and Senior Developer Pernille Mohn.r

Vendor-agnostic technology choices

I am confident that our approach is an ideal way for our clients to merge design and technology in their innovation projects, shares Eline Giskeødegård. Technology is developing so fast, and businesses need independent consultancies help businesses in making the right choices ensuring that technology enables their user-centric innovations.

EGGS is a tech-agnostic partner. We do not anchor ourselves to specific technologies but freely choose what is in the best interest for our client and the users of the solution.

Leveraging on the merging of design and tech

Eline is all set on making the people in EGGS even more tech litterate. She’s on a quest to help each person in EGGS find their inner tech-nerd, empowering them to see where tech will be an asset in an innovation project. It's all about providing tools to support sound tech advice to their clients.

We love to explore new technology as they emerge. We strive to apply our overview, insight and skills to ensure practical use for our clients. The objective is to create smarter, more efficient and more sustainable solutions.
Eline Giskeødegård

Tech-enabled user-centric innovation

The market is continuously developing, and we see a lot of unexploited potential, Eline shares. We are now set to up our game further and include tech even more in design-driven innovation projects. We not only explore and recommend the right choice of technology for our clients. We also utilize technology throughout the entire design process, from insight by tech, through prototyping and building the final solution, Eline explains.

Developers in EGGS are included in prototyping both digital design such as apps and applications as well IoT.

High market demand – Five more developers

We experience that our approach is well integrated with our design methods and contributes to EGGS uniqueness in the market, says Eline. To serve the requests from our clients, we’re welcoming five new developers in the upcoming next months. We are always interested in speaking with experienced developers.

Together with Magnus Nevstad, Creative Leader of Technology in Oslo and the developers in EGGS Eline is excited to build on the excellent work done so far. She is already deep into serving clients, striving for the perfect symphony of design-thinking, technology thinking and design craftmanship.

Sounds interesting?

Eline Løseth Giskeødegård

Have a chat with our Creative Director Technology
Eline Løseth Giskeødegård
+47 402 21 904

Ulla Sommerfelt

Have a chat with our CEO and Country Manager Denmark
Ulla Sommerfelt
+47 922 97 440

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