New leader of EGGS in Trondheim

Helle Moen

With a wide range of experience in research, venture capital, technology management, and innovation systems both in Norway and abroad, along with challenging board positions in Aia Science and Skagerak Maturo Seed, Helle Moen’s plan was to remain freelance and not commit to working for a specific company. But all that changed when EGGS Design cropped up on Helle’s radar, and she realized just how diverse design can be.

Strengthened international and value-driven profile

“There are many exciting things happening on the start-up scene and I was planning on focusing on only that,” says Helle, who recently headed Innovation Norway’s Brazilian office. It was here she helped Norwegian companies establish themselves in one of the world’s most complicated markets, and where she first encountered EGGS Design, which at the time was setting up office in Curitiba, followed by São Paulo.

“Many companies underestimate what is required to invest internationally. I was impressed with how forward and holistic EGGS’ approach was.
Helle Moen

Value-driven business

Helle is enthused by highly-focused projects and close collaborations. As an engineer with a Masters in Marine Technology from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and a Masters in Technology Management (MTM) from NTNU and NUS (National University of Singapore), Helle will now lead EGGS’ office in Trondheim. “In time, we shall solve the big challenges that exist throughout society, such as enough food for everyone, good health, energy supply and waste management. Everything must be sustainable, and I see design thinking as a key element to linking knowledge about technology and finance with good resource management. It’s our duty to contribute to making the world better.”

Technology optimist

Helle talks about circular economy, where the sustainable use of resources and waste management are an example of the crucial role designers play nowadays. With experience in technology development, Helle understands just how vital it is for all users to be involved in the development phase - to ensure that new technological solutions are put into use. She believes that the circular economy will grow organically, as important commodities become more expensive and costs of waste management increase, thereby having a direct effect on profitability and the growth potential for businesses. At the same time, Helle is a technology optimist who is driven by the desire to work with innovative solutions that help manage people, nature and money in an ethical and efficient way.

We must think circularly when we design, and set up business models. Collaboration between professionals across competencies is incredibly important, and the integrated design methods and processes EGGS strives to accomplish highlight that.
Helle Moen

Expertise in innovating in the ocean industries

The fact that one of EGGS’ primary focus areas is the ocean industries was significant for Helle, due to her educational background in marine technology. “I am excited to help increase the understanding of how design thinking can make companies within the ocean industries and other sectors become even better.”

I have great respect for Helle’s competence and just love her personality and cleverness. Trøndelag is an important region for us, and there are exciting things coming from our office there in the near future.
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO

Positive people

As the new head of EGGS’ Trondheim office will work with business development, and is greatly enthused by the growth-rate and wide-ranging expertise inherent throughout EGGS.“EGGS Design is a creative hub where people really look forward to going to work and have an incredibly positive attitude towards development. In addition, everyone there has a conscious approach to new things. They embrace innovative ideas whilst remaining confident in their capabilities. EGGS’ consultants don’t focus on hype, but provide customers with the help of navigating and sorting out what is future-proof in a fast-moving world.”

Getting Helle on the team is like winning the lottery. We have known each other for several years - ever since EGGS began to plan its Brazilian establishment. With Helle at the helm, together with our dedicated team and excellent reputation, we are all looking forward to what lies ahead!
Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO at EGGS Design.
Having been familiar with many of the people at EGGS as a former client, Helle is now thrilled to associate with them as colleagues. “We have lots of projects, so we need more like-minded people!” concludes Helle.

About EGGS Design

  • Interdisciplinary design and innovation agency

  • Offices in Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim, as well as Curitiba and São Paulo, Brazil

  • New office in Copenhagen will open autumn 2017

  • Revenue in 2016 was 65 million NOK, with over 10% profit margin

  • Revenue in 2015 was 55 million NOK (the largest annual turnover for a design agency in Norway)

  • Has experienced a 10-30% positive growth-rate each year since it began

  • Established in 2012, after a merger between design companies Kadabra and Oslo D

  • Currently consists of 80 employees made up of 16 different nationalities and spread over five offices in Norway, Brazil and Denmark

  • Has gone from having 29 to 80 employees in four years

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