Public funding for innovation in Norway

Stimulating business innovation

Let us share the Norwegian innovation funding overview with you. In Norway and the EU, there are several options of public funding for companies to maintain their innovation momentum. Many of these are highly relevant and already in use by many of our clients in EGGS Design. Public financing may also enable more extensive and more innovative projects.

What is innovation funding schemes?

Innovation funding is the government’s incentives for increasing Research & Development and innovation activities in both the private and public sector. In Norway, different types of government institutions offer different types of schemes and funding for different kinds of companies.

Why innovation funding?

In EGGS, we have excessive experience in helping our clients identify and apply for funding for exciting and highly innovative projects. We experience that public funding often has enabled our clients to plan and carry out more significant and more advanced projects than they initially expected. The funding has covered:

  • New products and services

  • Improved user-focus ensuring market relevance

  • Improved project control

The quick overview in Norway

  • Innovation Norway: Grants and loans for startups and other SMEs. Relatively easy to understand and apply. No fixed application dates. Innovation Norway also has different programs supporting development in the districts.

  • Norwegian Research Council: Grants for private companies and R&D entities. Generally fixed application dates

  • ENOVA: Grants for environmental technology

  • EU: LOTS of different types of excellent funding, but complicated to navigate

DIP (Design-driven Innovation) from DOGA

Design-driven innovation program (DIP) provides financial support to businesses so that designers can be involved in the idea phase of innovation projects.

  • For who: DIP funding is relevant for established companies that want to explore new opportunities. A proportion of funds allocated must be spent on design services.

  • How much: Varies. Some successful applicants have received around NOK 500,00, some up to NOK 800,00.

  • When: The application deadline is June 1, 2020

  • Link to DIP from DOGA 

Support from Innovation Norway

The schemes that are the most relevant for companies that EGGS Design works with are ‘Innovation Contracts’ and ‘Innovation Loans’ from Innovation Norway.

Support for energy and climate measures in businesses from ENOVA

Funding for climate technology piloting and demonstration projects. Focus on viable change for a low-emission society.

  • For who: Norwegian companies and public companies such as building and real estate, industrial and civil engineering, energy systems, maritime transport, land transport and technology development.

  • How much: Varies

  • When: Several times a year. Different dates for different schemes.

  • Link to Support to energy and climate measures from Enova

Innovation project for the industrial sector (IPN) from The Norwegian Research Council

Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector are company-driven projects that incorporate extensive research and development (R&D) activities. The Innovation Project is to contribute significantly to renewal and increased value creation for the participating companies, and it should yield socioeconomic benefits by making new knowledge and solutions available.

The project funding from the Research Council intends to encourage companies to invest more in R&D activities that can promote innovation and thereby expand the opportunities for sustainable growth and enhance the competitiveness of the companies.

Skattefunn from The Norwegian Research Council

SkatteFUNN is a tax deduction scheme for research and development (R&D) in the business sector. The purpose is to motivate companies that acquire new knowledge, information or experience that in turn, can lead to new or better products, services or ways of production.

  • For who: Norwegian industry

  • How much: Costs for in-house R&D have a limit of NOK 25 million per income year.

  • When: NFR handles applications on an ongoing basis. Spring 2020, the processing time has been reduced to three weeks.

  • Link to Skattefunn

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