A brand that does justice to the product


Communicating the value of a med-tech offering

Trondheim-based Bulbitech, a med-tech company that offers revolutionizing technology for neuro-ophthalmological eye examinations, came to EGGS for help to commercialize their offering. We have assisted them in creating a visual identity and developing the value proposition of the brand, as well as put in place design systems and an agile way of working with their digital products.

Bulbitech offers advanced neurological eye examination equipment and software for neuro-ophthalmologists and optometrists. They started from scratch in 2015, with funding, research, and development (R&D), and are now both CE-certified and FDA registered.

Communicating the value of the brand

The product consists of one diagnostic device and a web-based software that presents the data from the examination. The deviceis an all-in-one solution that can run several different types of exams. It provides a platform for neuro-ophthalmic assessment with the possibility to incorporate new exam types in the future.As an advanced and valuable technology, it’s essential that Bulbitech succeeds in communicating the full value of the product. Hence, we worked together on developing a brand strategy, brand DNA and a visual identity to do justice to the product.

To start with early brand awareness and identity is a key differentiator for early-stage start-ups.
Dennis Hens, CEO of Bulbitech

Creating a design system and agile processes

A big part of the value of Bulbitech’s product lies in its software, that processes and presents that examination data to the physician. Hence, it’s vital that the digital design is aligned with the product design and that the software’s visual identity promotes both the brand as well as provides a good user experience. To ensure this, we developed design systems that make it easy to maintain a seamless and smooth digital user experience, as well as maintain a consistent brand experience.

We also worked together with the Bulbitech team to implement more iterative and agile internal processes. This has made their product development quicker and more assertive, using early prototyping to test new versions.

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