Ditt Spor – business tool for taking sustainable action


Accessible and inclusive sustainability for small and medium-sized companies

Virke, one of Norway’s largest employer organisations' latest offering – Ditt spor – helps businesses explore, identify and take concrete action on sustainability. In EGGS, one of our missions is guiding organisations in taking sustainability work to the next level, which made this project the perfect match. We’ve helped Virke design the tool and make sure it meets the member companies' needs and makes sustainability a viable priority.

In 2020, Virke received a grant from the Norwegian government to invest in activities that would support small and medium-sized businesses in the trade and service industry to become more sustainable. As a result, they developed the web application Ditt spor. It’s the first tool of its kind on the market and is available to everyone. It guides organisations in identifying tracks (“spor”) to make concrete improvements or take new action that can make them more sustainable.

Sustainability is hot topic, but often it’s full of big words and it’s not easy to see concrete actions for your business. In the Ditt spor app, we’ve created three very concrete “tracks” (spor) that a business can take. They are so concrete and palpable that they almost present businesses a “multiple choice” kind of menu of sustainability actions to choose from.

Sustainable business requires viable business models

As popular and thrown around as the term sustainability is, it is still not worth much in the business world unless it's also viable. We have used digital design, brand, and service design, all through a business design perspective, to create Ditt Spor as a beneficial resource to make smart and sustainable changes that are good for business.

By making the tool digital and easily accessible, it makes sustainability expertise available to 20.000+ small and medium sized enterprises in Norway.

Many have big visions when it comes to sustainability. But we've seen when talking to our members that there's a lack of concrete advice and tools. That's why we developed Ditt Spor – a free, accessible, and action-oriented tool.
Tord Dale, Head of Sustainability, Virke

Validating – experimenting – testing

In order to make faster, better informed, and de-risked decisions, we used a number of business design methodologies. Using a leaner approach, where user testing allows for evidence-based decisions, we validated many different business ideas before landing on developing Ditt Spor. Forte Digital has worked together with us on the project and have done all the programming of the application.

One of the risks when developing a new product is creating one that customers don't really want or need. Through their process, EGGS have helped us eliminate that risk.
Joakim Howlid, Head of Product and Innovation, Virke

Learning from MVP

Virke launched Ditt Spor on January 28th, 2021, to market validate the service and is now being tested in its current version. Together with Virke, we have developed a product roadmap, helping Virke plan how to scale their offering on sustainability, adding new workstreams and more innovative services into their ecosystem.

New business models can make an important contribution to the transition to green growth. Using business design and the tools that it offers, we can create these business models to sustainable – both economically, environmentally, and socially.

Sounds interesting?

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