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A new, secure and comfortable banking app

DNB, Norway's largest bank, is now offering its digital banking customers an entirely new mobile banking app, making banking on the go much more convenient and reliable. Launched in January 2019, the DNB Mobile Bank is a significant shift towards more user-centred digital banking services from the bank. EGGS is proud to have helped with the service design, UX design, illustrations, strategy and development for both IOS and Android.

DNB’s digital shift - changes in infrastructure

The bank’s primary goal is to improve customers experiences across all channels and touch-points by creating new user-centred, cloud-based banking services. Working leaner is another key goal with DNB’s digital shift, resulting in DNB embracing DevOps as their agile method of organising its approach to innovation.

EGGS contributed to service design, UX design, IOS and Android development as well as illustrations.

DevOps caters for quick iterations and frequent releases of new functionalities. Not only does DNB Mobile Bank pave the way for future progress, but with PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) also established, DNB is strengthening its relationship with its customers by offering them everything they need, all in one place.

In this version, the beginning of DNB's new mobile offering, the focus has been on core banking functionalities. It consists of native apps for Android and iOS and uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the platform for the mobile bank’s cloud computing services.
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The majority of banking is done on mobile phones

More and more people are managing their bank accounts via their mobile phones, as opposed to their computers. As DNB's previous app was just a portal into a web interface, the bank instigated measures for a more efficient, user-friendly service. The result is DNB Mobile Bank, a native mobile banking service built entirely from scratch.

Transferring money between accounts is one of the most used features in mobile banking; therefore, great care went into designing an efficient and reliable method. People can now transfer money by conveniently dragging one account over another, before entering the amount and approving it.

Customers' needs are changing

Constant change in users' behaviour means banks have to keep up to speed on understanding their customers' needs. As DNB Mobile Bank applies to a wide variety of users, it's vital that it not only caters for each one of them but also allows for a variety of complex scenarios.

It was therefore essential that the design team gained a comprehensive understanding of how DNB's different customers experienced its mobile banking service. To do this they carried out extensive user research and insight using service design methodologies.

We developed a service strategy as the foundation for future concept development and spent time defining which moments in the customer’s daily life the mobile bank should focus on. This has been the basis for the extensive UX design that has been conducted by digital designers. Prototypes were developed and tested at different fidelities.

Being able to block a lost bank card instantly diminishes unnecessary stress. Moreover, if you find it, you can unblock it just as quickly. All you have to do is switch it to block/unblock. It's as simple as that.

Accessibility for all

Another crucial factor is good universal accessibility. Testing with screen readers for blind users and ensuring optimal visual settings for those who are visually impaired was ensured. Before the launch, the beta version was tested on several thousand users, mainly the bank’s staff.

A visionary, multidisciplinary team

It takes a visionary, multidisciplinary and autonomous in-house team to develop and then implement something as complex and sophisticated as a new mobile banking app. We’ve therefore had the pleasure of working alongside DNB’s strong team of remarkable people that the bank has built up to support their increased focus on digital banking services.

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