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Digital tool revolutionizes aluminium production process

Trondheim-based Idletechs offers software that analyses large amounts of industrial data and presents it in a way that helps operators make better decisions. We have helped them design an app specifically for monitoring the production of carbon anodes, which are key components in the production of aluminium. The solution optimises and automates parts of the process, making it safer and more resource-efficient.

Aluminium production is an energy-consuming process that requires significant amounts of electricity and water. In addition, 2-8% of all carbon anodes are scrapped in the process due to defects. To solve this problem, we have helped ldletechs design a digital tool that monitors and optimises the production process.

The key to success has been the close collaboration with both EGGS and Alcoa. The solution is based on continuous, high-quality insight work.
Andreas Wulvik, CEO of Idletechs

Optimises the process and reduces resource waste

The tool consists of thermal cameras, software, and an app that monitors and analyses the process. The cameras measure the core temperature of all the anodes in the process, as well as monitors the quality and detects possible defects. By gathering relevant data about core temperature and quality, the operator can monitor the quality in real-time in the app. This enables the operators to immediately interfere and correct any issues in the process, increasing the quality of the anodes and preventing material waste. Moreover, optimising the process also reduces the energy that is used. EGGS has worked closely with both Idletechs and field operators to get insights and test the solution to make sure it meets the professional user needs.

A safer environment for the operators

Apart from making the process more efficient, the digitalisation of this part of the manufacturing process facilitates the work of the operators. Normally, monitoring the core temperature and the quality of the anodes requires operators to sample the material physically. This is a risky task, as the environment is hazardous and involves cancerous fumes, among other things. Thanks to the digital tool, monitoring and sampling are now done remotely, which removes the operator from this hazardous environment.

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