Pioneering design for world’s first unified security system


Modern design for a holistic experience

Ava Security is a global technology company with offices in Norway, the UK, and the USA, specializing in AI-based surveillance systems. EGGS has helped develop and deliver Ava’s new, strong brand core and identity, as well as the sleek, high-quality product identity and new look of cameras and hardware. The integrated and holistic design process behind the products and the company’s brand helps communicate consistency and values.

Ava Security was previously known as Vaion and Jazz Networks. The two companies have recently joined forces and formed Ava to protect people, property, and data anywhere. EGGS has been part of their journey since before and throughout the fusion of the companies.

Integrated design processes

The merger of companies means a fusion of identities, cultures, and products. In the case of Ava Security, we assisted them throughout the process–from facilitation and co-creation of the brand core, brand architecture, and visual identity all the way to the design and contributing to the engineering of the products themselves. We have worked closely with the client to future-proof and ensure a holistic and integrated user experience of the products and services and the experience of the Ava Security brand.

Value-driven brand identity

Ava is a modern global company with Scandinavian values and heritage. This, together with its friendly and empathetic user focus, is an integral part of the brand identity. This sets Ava clearly apart from the competition. When developing the visual identity and supporting elements, we ensured the products themselves were an integral brand expression. We used curves and design cues from the products to create a dynamic, premium, consistent look throughout. That way, the visuals don't compete with the products. Instead, they enhance and complement them, and together, reinforce the brand.

Products that speak for themselves

A well-designed brand identity sets the stage for products and services to speak for themselves. This was EGGS’ goal when creating the design of Ava Security’s surveillance cameras. Ava uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help organisations understand and be proactive in and around their surroundings. Among other things, their security systems apply machine learning and AI to alert operators to anything unusual. For example, an intruder or anything else suspicious.

The design is clean and minimal to express the company’s Scandinavian roots. Everything is smooth and friendly-looking so that Ava's security cameras appear less menacing than traditional surveillance equipment.

Functional and robust aesthetics

Aside from being streamlined, EGGS helped design Ava’s surveillance cameras to be robust, waterproof, and easy to install. We’ve optimised their installation by ensuring the camera assembly and cable management are safe and intuitive, even when mounted high up. The aluminium camera casings are vandal-proof and highly durable, and in either a black or white matt finish, are intended to be unobtrusive yet smart-looking.


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