The Brazilian AppCon Conference

Exxon Mobil

Every year, ExxonMobil hosts AppCon – a conference focused on new technologies. This takes place in one of the many locations around the world that the company has an office. The event’s format had remained unchanged for some years, until it was noted that fewer people were attending each time. So, ExxonMobil decided to completely rethink AppCon for their Brazilian version in 2017.

Redesigning the user journey

Our EGGS office in Brazil was asked to redesign the whole AppCon experience by applying both design thinking and service design methods. All aspects were to be considered, from the moment a person leaves their hotel or workplace, and their journey to the conference venue, to them being present at the many lectures and activities throughout the day until closure.

The main challenges proposed by ExxonMobil were as follows:

  • Provide greater user engagement

  • Users should be enticed to stay all day at the event

  • Everybody should be able to absorb all AppCon content

  • The event’s logistics must be fluid

  • The event should offer different experiences from previous ones

  • The new format should be a reference for other sites: Bangkok, Buenos Aires, and Houston

Analysing people’s behaviour

Thanks to pre-workshop tools such as Desk Research and Service Etymology, along with internal co-creation workshops involving employees with a diverse range of skillsets and departments within ExxonMobil, we analysed people and their journey as a user with Empathy Map. From this, we could develop an entire service blueprint.

EGGS was then able to present a final project report with a set of 17 insights. These were born out of the co-creation workshops and then perfected before being implemented.

Biggest audience yet

As a result, the ExxonMobil AppCon event that was held at the Hotel Sheraton in Curitiba, during September 2017, had a much larger audience than previous AppCon events. What it offered was a unique experience of meticulously planned activities and lectures, all of which happened almost simultaneously. The event was also attended by Paal Holter, our Chief Experience Officer, and one of the founding partners of EGGS. Paal spoke about Future Thinking, to an audience of about 400 people.

Sounds interesting?

Mauricio Medeiros

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