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Resource management system for personnel

When it comes to progressing from outdated working methods to completely embracing innovative digital technology, many businesses talk the talk but few go all-in and actually do it. Capitech, a small yet renowned company, dared to embark on a total transformation - changing their technology, service, user experience, brand, web and even offices. This proved to be a perfect match for EGGS’ interdisciplinary team of creatives.

The intuitive resource management system

Capitech is a resource management system with modules including planning, timesheets and personnel:

  • Capitech Resource Planning. A resource management tool that helps managers have the right staffing and professional resources in their employee rosters or schedules.

  • Capitech Timesheets. A resource management solution for employees where hours, overtime, vacations, absences, flextime and more are calculated

A holistic design does it again

This is another project that perfectly showcases EGGS’ approach to holistic design. The great thing about working holistically is that all efforts push towards a common goal. In this case, we started by zooming out - mapping the customer journey, people’s needs and what their opinions were regarding the solution they had. Based on this, we built a positioning statement and a set of value propositions that would be our guide for concept development and decision making along the way.

Being a software company, the main challenges were naturally related to functionality and how to simplify work processes. However, the fun part was merging cleverly thought out concepts with smooth visuals and perfect implementation.

Creating a visual impact

Not all design buyers realize the importance of visual impacts, but Capitech allowed us to work without compromise. So, with the help of the brilliant brand builders in Neue Design Studio, we created a consistent visual identity through the UX, web, marketing material and new office spaces. Now when it comes to functionality, user-friendliness and brand consistency, Capitech is leading the way in the business of staffing and tracking working hours.

Capitech's visual identity and branding principles were created by Neue Design.

Our smoothest tech process yet

EGGS’ team also included three creative technologists, who delivered the strategy for the transition and all the front-end programming for the new software. With Capitech doing their own back-end work, seamlessly stitching it all together could well have been a concern. But with solid routines and clearly defined roles, we have never experienced a smoother implementation process. And the result is pixel perfect - with all the nifty transitions and responsive layouts you would expect from today’s best web interfaces. Knowing how many things can go wrong in the tech part of a project like this, the efficiency and quality of the code is something we are particularly proud of.

Early tech for success

The contributing factor to this project's success has been including tech specialists from the very beginning, ensuring a multi-disciplinary team covering all necessary disciplines. Using techies for early prototyping in parallel with design enables quick learning. Any initial failures due to poor ideas are omitted straight away, allowing for full focus on the strong and feasible ideas.

Our success formula for teamwork, in short:

  • Include tech early

  • Have clear roles within the tech team

  • Frequent dialogue

  • Be smart when breaking down tasks

  • Use techies for prototyping in parallel with design, enabling quick learning

  • Don’t ever compromise the quality of the code

Client bravery pays off

The market response has been tremendously positive. This is how design can bring value to products and services. In January 2017, Capitech was acquired by Infotjenester, one of the largest HR Software companies in Scandinavia. This marks the success of Capitech’s transition to a modern, customer-centric, well-branded company - with the slogan, “So simple, that it’s almost fun”.

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