Touchscreens for automation systems

Kongsberg Maritime

User-friendly touch panels

Kongsberg Maritime specialize in various systems that are designed to enhance safety and efficiency at sea. They provide technological solutions such as dynamic positioning and navigation, marine automation, safety management, cargo handling, subsea survey and construction, maritime simulation and training, and satellite positioning. Their products are specifically tailored to cater for a wealth of international clients within the shipping industry.

EGGS Design has designed a number of small touch panels for Kongsberg Maritime. To ensure a good user experience for this environment, we have focused on information density and alarm visibility.

The touch panels span from 13" stand-alone screens to operate automation systems, to simple 5.7" monitoring devices used on the bridge and in cabins. In spite of their complex portfolio, we congratulate Kongsberg on achieving a good brand experience across the products!
The main layout with the alarms and indicators.

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Kaja Osholm Kjølås

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