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Man sitting on a boat with a life vest, sunset in the background. Photo.
Our People 8 min read
Meet Håvard – the tech-savvy creative immersed in aquaculture
On the future of fish farming and how the right level of automation holds the key
A large number of people sitting at a venue, listening to a presentation. Photo.
Innovation 6 min read
Innovation in focus at the world’s biggest democratic meeting place
Key takeaways from Sweden’s Almedalsveckan 2023
our presenters in front of an audience in an atrium in front of a slide that reads “Future as a tool to develop resilient strategies”. Photo.
Strategy 8 min read
How to use the future as a tool to develop resilient strategies
Key takeaways from the EGGS for Breakfast seminar
Three designers leaning over an insight map and discussing what they are looking at. Photo.
Design 12 min read
How business design can transform companies
Generating value is more than economic growth
Jan Walter Parr standing on an elevated stage indoor speaking to a crowd. Photo.
Our People 12 min read
Meet Jan Walter – on a mission to create smart and sustainable connected living
Using circularity, design, and tech to transform our everyday lives
Meet Sigrun Vik – on a mission to transform healthcare
Our People 12 min read
Meet Sigrun Vik – on a mission to transform healthcare
Using collaboration, data and tech to put people at the centre
A designer standing in front of a brown sheet hanging on the wall filled with colourful sticky notes, writing on one of them.
Strategy 9 min read
What does design have to do with strategy?
A good process is half the work
Creative Director Lena Sendstad and Creative Leader Service Design Ingvill Hoffart. Photograph.
Culture and Leadership 6 min read
Creative teams dare to share
Trust as a success factor
Closeup of handwritten text on colourful work sheets. Photo.
Innovation 9 min read
Experimentation in public innovation
Approaching complexity through exploration
Designer Gøril Storrø stands in front of an audience with a microphone in her hand and behind her is a power point projection of an illustrated, pregnant woman. Photo.
User-Centricity 8 min read
Why you should design for women
Key take aways from the EGGS for Breakfast seminar: "Designing for Women's Health”
Anders in sunglasses, looking towards the sun. Photo.
Our People 12 min read
Meet Anders Instebø
The storyteller transforming the energy sector
EGGS Stavangers leader, Karete Kristoffersen, talking to a colleague in a room with other people. Photo.
Our People 9 min read
Meet Karete – leader of EGGS Stavanger
On the future of leadership and a region in transformation
A person writing on a yellow post-it on a whiteboard. Photo.
Strategy 4 min read
Methods for value-driven innovation
Finding opportunities for generating value
Elisabeth, EGGS Trondheim's leader, facing a colleague in conversation. Photo.
Our People 11 min read
Meet Elisabeth – leading by letting others shine
On inclusion, innovation, and her visions going forward
A woman using a VR headset, four other women are observing, smiling. Photo.
Healthtech 5 min read
Ensure open innovation in healthcare ecosystems
Collaboration across organisations
 Four designers sitting next to each other chatting and having fun while working on sketches and laptops in a bright, open office space with plants. Photo.
Culture and Leadership 5 min read
What is EGGS' culture?
Putting people first
A user operating a joystick to control the interface in the background. Photo.
User-Centricity 8 min read
Designing for professional users
Focus on visualising critical information
Jan Walter Parr presenting a circular design model surrounding plastic packaging. Photo.
Sustainability 9 min read
Circular design doesn’t start with the user
Partnerships and material take centre-stage in circularisation
EGGS employees cheering while holding up the award for the best technology and design bureau in 2022. Photo.
Award 4 min read
EGGS is tech and design consultancy of the year
Winner of reputation award Byråprofil 2022
Two designers sitting and talking with each other in front of a wall of drawings and sticky notes. Photo.
Culture and Leadership 6 min read
Moving up without pushing anyone down
How a non-competitive environment breeds creativity
Four designers from EGGS together with two employees from Sopra Steria are facing the camera. Photo.
Innovation 8 min read
Public innovation to help victims of domestic abuse
Stimulab-funded project to address wicked problem at 3,1 mNOK
Two designers talking about insights on sticky notes on a canvas that depicts different users, such as those with complex health problems or are chronically ill. Photo
Design 11 min read
What is service design in EGGS?
What role does service design play, and what do we expect from a service designer?
Patient data on a monitor, viewed by a doctor. Photo.
Healthtech 3 min read
Value creation enabled by health data
Keeping the user the centre
Rui Martins, creative leader digital design, surrounded by colleagues. Photo.
Design 9 min read
What is digital design at EGGS?
Multi-disciplinary teams + stimulating environment = Impactful design
Portrait of Pinar in black and white. Photo.
Our People 10 min read
From Turkey to Norway - Meet Pinar Dumlu
Starting a new job from the other side of the continent